1957 Corvette

Vintage C1 Corvette Drifing on Track

Vintage Photo Of Drifting C1 Corvette

GM Authority

A vintage black and white photo shared by Corvette Blogger shows a racing C1 Corvette being just as daring as modern day racers.

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Baby Blue 1957 Jenner Corvette

Kendall Jenner's 1957 Corvette Draws Paparazzi

Inquisitor 16 Aug 2016

The 1957 immaculately restored Corvette driven by Kendall Jenner deserves more attention than she does.
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Zooming 1957 Chevy on the Highway

Flashback: The 1957 Chevrolet Corvette

Super Chevy 15 Oct 2014

The effect is called affine shear, the forward leaning of a vehicle photographed in motion. It was used to dramatically represent the power and speed of a fuel-injected '57 Corvette that Motor Trend Editor Walt Woron tested at the GM Proving Grounds in the fall of 1956.
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Beautifully Restored 1957 Corvette

1957 Corvette Restored to Glory

Payson Roundup 26 Apr 2012

Carl and Judy Curtis of Payson, AZ restore a 1957 Corvette to near original condition.
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