C1 Corvette

Seinfeld in a 1956 Corvette on the Highway

Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon Featured In A 1956 Corvette

GM Authority

In this episode of "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," Jerry drives his Cascade Green 1956 Vette and picks Jimmy Fallon up in his New York suburb.

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C1 1961 Corvette Shark

Legendary Modified C1 Known as The Shark

Vette Magazine 23 Aug 2016

A customized C1 Corvette, code named XP-755, gave a glimpse into the future design of the C2.
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Baby Blue 1957 Jenner Corvette

Kendall Jenner's 1957 Corvette Draws Paparazzi

Inquisitor 16 Aug 2016

The 1957 immaculately restored Corvette driven by Kendall Jenner deserves more attention than she does.
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C1 Hot Rod Corvette Munsters Mobile

Hot Rod 1962 C1 Corvette Gets Munsters Look

Super Chevy 19 Jul 2016

Bobby Alloway adds teeth to this C1 Corvette giving it a unique hot rod look.
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1956 Red Corvette Gasser Restored

C1 Corvette Gasser Brought Back to Life

Hot Rod Network 25 May 2016

A unique restored C1 1956 Corvette gasser is a thing to beauty, and has power to back it up.
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White Fully Restored C1 1954 Corvette

Amazing 1954 Corvette Spotted in Online Auction

Corvette Online 16 Dec 2014

A C1 Corvette in Florida is available with 66,655 original miles and several interesting modifications on the online auction website eBay.
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Vintage C1 Corvette Drifing on Track

Vintage Photo Of Drifting C1 Corvette

GM Authority 13 Dec 2014

A vintage black and white photo shared by Corvette Blogger shows a racing C1 Corvette being just as daring as modern day racers.
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Rare Corvette Gasser on Trailer Bed

Rare 1960 Corvette Gasser Discovered

Super Chevy 22 Nov 2014

Rare vintage C1 1960 Vette gasser found parked on a dirt floor inside a garage in Merrick, New York.
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Blue C7 Corvette With White Corvettes From Previous Generations

Corvette Online Compares Corvette Generations

Corvette Online 27 Oct 2014

This week's Reader Reaction brought record setting voting and we can all see a sample of which Corvettes people think are most influential!
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Zooming 1957 Chevy on the Highway

Flashback: The 1957 Chevrolet Corvette

Super Chevy 15 Oct 2014

The effect is called affine shear, the forward leaning of a vehicle photographed in motion. It was used to dramatically represent the power and speed of a fuel-injected '57 Corvette that Motor Trend Editor Walt Woron tested at the GM Proving Grounds in the fall of 1956.
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Corvette News Photo - C1 Corvette

1962 Corvette Wins Ribbon Despite Mishap with Judge

The Globe and Mail 08 Oct 2014

Doug Kinsman was just following orders when one of the judges at a prestigious car show asked him to see if the windshield washers worked on his 1962 Corvette.
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Corvette News Photo - C1 Corvette

A Fully Restored Custom 1960 Corvette Z060

Corvette Online 07 Oct 2014

A unique and hand crafted 1960 C1 Corvette Z060 Resto Mod is truly a one of a kind creation by Corvette enthusiast Richard Keefer.
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Corvette News Photo - C1 Corvette

1959 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Classically Cool 19 Sep 2014

The Corvette has a wonderful legacy, and any of the C1 models reflect one of the most timeless, classic car designs in the history of the automobile. The early C1s are super rare and they're rarely seen on the road, but the later C1s are beautiful examples of classic Corvettes that had '50's styling nailed down to a science.
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