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Fast White Corvette Z06

C7 Corvette Z06 Breaks Fastest Half-Mile

GM Authority

The record for the fastest half-mail in a C7 Corvette has been set by this proud owner's Vette.

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Tooth Pulled Using a Corvette

Pulling Teeth with C6 Z06

GM Authority 13 Aug 2016

A father posts an Instagram video of his son's tooth being pulled with the assistance of a C6 LS7 Z06 Corvette.
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Black electric modified Z06 Vette

Genovation's Electric Z06 Sets a Speed Record

Forbes 01 Aug 2016

A custom electric Z06 has kept its power without the emissions and now set a speed record.
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Black and White 1962 Corvette with Z06 Package

Flashback: Beginnings of the Z06

Super Chevy 22 Jul 2016

Take a look back to 1962 when the Z06 performance package was introduced for the Corvette.
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C7 Grand Sport Engine

2017 Corvette Z06 Supercharger Design will Fix Cooling Issue

Corvette Blogger 22 Jul 2016

The cooling fixes for the 2017 Corvette Z06 will come through an improved supercharger design.
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Yellow Shiny Corvette C7 Z06

C7 Z06 Overheating to be Fixed in 2017

LeftLane News 21 Jul 2016

An overheating issue reported when the Z06 is pushed to the max is slated to be addressed in the 2017 model.
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Custom Slate Gray C7 Corvette

Customs Rims Give C7 A Sweet Look

Corvette Online 20 Jul 2016

Forgeline's AR1 wheels give a signature look to this featured C7 Z06.
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Right Side Steering Wheel 63 Corvette

Right Side Steering 63 Corvette Z06 Mystery

BoldRide.com 30 May 2016

This one of a kind 63 Corvette Z06 features a steering wheel on the right side and the car's origin still remains a mystery.
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Blue Customized Super Horsepower Corvette

One Thousand Horsepower Hennessey C7 Z06

Top Gear 26 May 2016

Hennessey is blowing out ear drums with their modified C7 Z06 super car upgraded to 1000hp down in Texas.
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Black Z06 C7 Smoke Burnout

Z06 Burnout Ends in Crash

Torque News 24 May 2016

Spinning the tires is a hallmark in the sports car world, but this burnout in a new Z06 ends poorly.
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White C7 Vette with 1000 HP

C7 Corvette from Vengeance Racing offers One Thousand Horsepower

Yahoo! News 23 May 2016

An upgraded Z06 from Vengeance Racing boasts a remarkable 1,000 horsepower.
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Modified Arrow Corvette for Handicapped Drivers

Quadriplegic Driver Screams in Modified Z06 Racing Corvette

Gizmag 23 May 2016

A modified Corvette screams to 152mph thanks to technologies tailored to drivers with special needs.
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Red C7 Corvette Z06 Tree Crash

Video of Red C7 Z06 Crashing into a tree

Jalopnik 24 May 2015

Trying to show off for the video camera, a red C7 Corvette Z06 crashes into a tree in this teeth gritting video.
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