Corvette Related Crime

Custom C3 Black Corvette Stolen at Event

Another Corvette Stolen During Michigan Corvette Event

WDIV Detroit 22 Aug 2016

Beloved C3 Corvette stolen during Michigan Dream Cruise event.
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Surveillance of a Corvette being keyed

Disgruntled Employee Keys A Vette on Camera

AZ Family 14 Aug 2016

A Corvette owner is paying out $4,000 in repairs after a disgruntled employee keys his car.
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Silver Corvette Crash After High Speed Chase

High Speed Corvette Chase Ends in Crash 08 Aug 2016

Georgia State Patrol Corvette chase ends with a crash near Atlanta, Georgia.
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Crime Scene After Corvette Driver Killed in Robbery

Corvette Driver Dead After Robbery in Dallas

Dallas Morning News 08 Aug 2016

A robbery in Dallas left the driver of a Corvette dead.
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Corvette News Photo - Crime

Corvette Crash Ends With Stolen Guns

WLKY 01 Aug 2016

A Kentucky gun store was robbed after a C4 Corvette crashed through the front wall.
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Corvette News Photo - Crime

Man Steals Corvette From The Salesman

Arkansas Online 22 Jul 2016

A Jonesboro, Arkansas man is wanted after taking the keys from a car salesman and stealing a brand new Corvette.
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Mugshot for Corvette Criminal

Hanover Woman Puts Children in Hatch of Corvette

Corvette Mike's Blog 19 Jul 2016

Two Pennsylvania women are accused of placing two young children in the trunk of their Corvette while they sat in the front.
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Red C7 Corvette Stingray Generic Image

Pennsylvania Women Puts Kids In Corvette Trunk

CBS Pittsburgh 17 Jul 2016

A 29 year old woman in Pittsburgh allegedly puts her kids in the trunk of a Corvette and is being charged with child endangerment.
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Man sits in Restored 1979 Corvette

Restored 1979 Corvette Stolen and Returned

The Detroit News 16 Aug 2015

George Talley's 1979 Corvette was stolen from a Detroit street in 1981, but after many years he has finally been reunited with his beloved classic car.
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Red 1966 Corvette with black top stolen in Michigan

Convertible 1966 C2 Corvette stolen from Dream Cruise

WXYZ Detroit 16 Aug 2015

A cherished 1966 Convertible C2 Corvette was stolen from a Birmingham, Michigan parking garage during the annual Dream Cruise event.
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Red 2007 C6 Corvette in Dealer Lot

Police: Corvette stolen off Conway car lot

WMBF News 30 Dec 2014

A red 2007 C6 Corvette was reported stolen from a dealership in South Carolina.
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Pop Icon Peter Max

Peter Max Being Sued Over Corvette Collection Deal

New York Post 11 Dec 2014

A new lawsuit claims Peter Max is a scammer who cheated two New York men out of commissions on the sale of his storied Corvette collection.
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