Mid Engine Corvette

Yellow Concept of Mid-Engine Corvette

Arguments against the mid-engine C8 Corvette

Corvette Blogger

TheDrive.com offers an argument against the rumored mid-engine C8 Corvette design.

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Spy Image of a rumored C8 Corvette

Mid-Engine C8 Rumors Say C7 will continue until 2021

Corvette Online 08 Aug 2016

The latest Corvette C8 rumors from Corvette Online say that the C7 will remain in production until 2021 - alongside the new C8 mid-engine super car.
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Silver Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Artist Rendering

Latests Rumors Call for Mid-Engine Corvette in 2019

Motor Trend Blogs 05 Aug 2016

Unnamed sources have expressed to the Detroit press that the long fabled mid-engine C8 Corvette is coming in 2019.
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Covered C8 Corvette Spy Shot

RUMORS: C8 Zora to have 750 horsepower mid-engine

Torque News 21 Jul 2016

Torque News reports on the possibility of a 750hp mid-engine in the C8 Corvette.
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Mid-Engine C3 Rusted Custom Corvette

Custom Mid Engine C3 Corvette Offered For Sale

Corvette Blogger 01 Jun 2016

Crazy mid-engine custom Corvette from the late seventies that toured in the early eighties is being offered for sale in Pennsylvania.
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