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Ferrari 458 and C7 Corvette Z06 Meet on the Street

Corvette Blogger

The video doesn't show much, but we get the idea that the Z06 is the faster of the two.

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Silver Corvette Crash After High Speed Chase

High Speed Corvette Chase Ends in Crash 08 Aug 2016

Georgia State Patrol Corvette chase ends with a crash near Atlanta, Georgia.
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Video Shot of a Viper Racing a Corvette Z06

2015 Corvette Z06 Races A Viper On The Highway

GM Authority 09 Dec 2014

The jaw dropping 2015 Corvette Z06 takes to the highway against the equally impressive Dodge Viper. You judge the results.
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Miata and Corvette Z06 in Night Street Race

Miata Surprises A Corvette Z06 In Street Race

GM Authority 28 Oct 2014

This Corvette Z06 found itself up against what should have been an easy target, if not for the nuclear powerplant under the bonnet.
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Wrecked Split in Half Blue 1969 Corvette Stringray

Beautiful 24 Year Old Woman Killed Racing 1969 Corvette

Daily Mail UK 13 Oct 2014

Jourdan Bradley's 1969 Corvette Stingray convertible lost control, crashed into a tree, and then split in half throwing both she and her passenger out of the vehicle. Witnesses say she was racing a Chevy SUV.
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Corvette Illegally Racing Crashes

Corvette Slams Into Concrete Wall During Illegal Drag Race

Corvette Online 30 Sep 2014

A Corvette owner let ego take over and slammed his car into a concrete wall during an illegal street race.
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Cell Phone Showing Video or Corvette Street Racing

C6 and C5 Corvette street racing Caught on Tape

KHOU 30 Nov 2011

A video posted on YouTube shows two illegal street racers wrecking their C5 and C6 Corvettes in The Woodlands outside of Houston, Texas. Police say charges may be possible based on the video.
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